Homer simpson

 This character is from a tv show called “the simpsons”. Homer is a funny comedy character that live in Sprinfield city the enemy city of Shelbyville

  1. Homer is a middle aged  and normal height man that depends emotional of his family in special his wife.
  2. He’s a lazy man that work in the nuclear power plant. He is so lazy that the power plant could by about to explode that he could stay sleeping in his work chair.
  3. Homer is fat and yellow . Hi love to drink alcohol and eat fast food.
  4. So Homer could by lazy,fat and semi bald but  is funny and always he could take you a smile.

The lion mane

        In the past  went the lion and the lioness were similar all the animal kingdom bothered the lion, because he was so similar , but whit one difference that  are his voice.the lion tired of all the similitude whit his female version opted to go with all the lions to ask god for a offering of love to get  a difference of the lioness, the god agree, and give a mane to every lion in the world.so the mane make the difference of the lion life actually the king of the jungle.